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Revolutionary Hivello App Unleashes Web3 Passive Income Potential for Millions Worldwide

Hivello, has initiated a beta launch of a groundbreaking application. This app empowers an accessible market surpassing 100 million internet aficionados to accrue a maximum of US$20 monthly, merely by allocating their untapped computational assets.

Hivello, an app effortlessly installable on smartphones or computers, enables users to instantaneously execute Web3 software in the background via a single click, thereby generating regular passive revenue in their native currency.

Justin Rosenberg, the CEO of Blockmate Ventures, elucidated, “Hivello, a pioneering passive income catalyst, possesses immense potential for swift global traction. The prospect of internet users obtaining $20 per month from their exclusive IP address, sans technical proficiency, is nothing short of groundbreaking. Hivello, as a conduit linking multitudes of potential users with the burgeoning Web3 protocols, is primed to attain the founders’ goal of millions in recurring, high-margin revenue.”

Image 1: Hivello is the bridge between the rapidly growing Web3 sector and the millions of internet users wanting passive income.

Hivello participants contribute resources such as storage capacity, bandwidth, or computational prowess to decentralized Web3 endeavors like Mysterium or Sia, whilst simultaneously accruing passive earnings. The app deftly orchestrates, organizes, and optimizes users’ resources for peak efficiency and remuneration, fostering the expansion of the decentralized ecosystem. Hivello garners a portion of all revenue generated via the platform.

Andrew Smith, the CEO of Hivello, remarked, “Hivello’s debut marks a watershed moment for Web3 infrastructure, empowering a diverse user base to partake in the decentralized ecosystem. We surmise that a vintage 2015 laptop can yield $20 worth of tokens monthly. Technologically astute users might leverage a $40 Raspberry Pi for a swift return on investment.”

Smith continued, “Hivello’s seasoned team boasts an illustrious background in blockchain and cryptocurrency realms. We firmly believe Hivello will expedite the adoption of Web3 projects, with mass adoption being attainable due to innumerable individuals worldwide possessing idle computers or newer devices operable overnight for passive crypto accumulation.”

Hivello’s beta launch remains invitation-only, but a full-fledged commercial unveiling is slated for Bitcoin Miami, the preeminent global cryptocurrency symposium in May 2023. This event will encompass an extensive marketing endeavor to pique interest in the opportunity to generate passive income via Hivello and users’ extant devices. Meanwhile, prospective users can enlist on the waitlist at for notifications regarding public availability.

Image 3: A perceptual map of where Hivello’s sits when comparing other passive income earners compared to Hivello which can be set up in less than 10 minutes with no technical expertise

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Blockmate Ventures is a Web3 incubator/venture progenitor concentrating on enterprises that employ blockchain technology and decentralization to augment utility, accessibility, and sustainability for quotidian services. Collaborating with potential Founders, projects in incubation derive benefits from the Blockmate ecosystem, which proffers technology, services, integrations, digital assets, and advisement to hasten projects toward monetization.

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