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8 Money Making Apps

We’ve tried 8 different apps, not necessarily the best in the market, but ones we believe you should be familiar with.

Our goal? To give you a firsthand account of what it’s like using these apps. From the time investment required to the actual money-making potential,

App #1: Tapmob is revolutionizing the way content creators monetize their online presence. This user-friendly platform allows you to earn through various ad formats, tailored to suit your audience.

Key Features:

  1. Easy Setup: Create an account quickly and start monetizing your digital content.
  2. Diverse Ad Options: Choose from banners, interstitials, and native ads to best fit your content style.
  3. Real-Time Analytics: Track your performance with detailed analytics, optimizing your earning potential.
  4. Quick Payments: Enjoy the convenience of fast payment processing, typically within 1-2 business days.
  5. Brand Connections: Access exclusive brand deals, aligning your content with relevant advertisers.

In summary, offers a straightforward, efficient way to turn your digital content into a revenue stream, with fast payments and a variety of ad formats. Perfect for creators looking to monetize their online activities.

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App #2: MoneySMS

Money SMS App offers a simple way to earn a bit of passive income. Here’s a condensed review:

  1. Installation: Download the app via APK file for Android devices. Setup involves registering your phone number.
  2. Earning: You receive €0.02 for each text message sent to your phone for network testing. No action is required on these texts; just receiving them counts.
  3. Potential Income: Earnings are modest, with an estimated annual range of $2 to $10. It varies based on message frequency and location.
  4. Referral Program: Boost earnings by referring others. You get a commission from their earnings, and they receive a sign-up bonus.
  5. Payout Options: Withdraw earnings through PayPal, WebMoney, or Bitcoin once you reach the €2 threshold.
  6. Privacy: The app assures no invasion of privacy or reading of personal messages.

Money SMS is easy to use but offers limited earning potential. It’s best for those who don’t mind getting extra texts and are looking for a small, passive income supplement.

Money SMS app’s availability is selective, mostly operational in several European and Asian regions. Notably, it is not accessible in the United Kingdom and the United States. The app’s accessibility is dynamic, as it may restrict registrations from countries where there’s already a substantial user base, leading to fluctuating availability. Users must register a valid phone number from a supported country to participate in the app’s money-making process. Therefore, if you’re unable to find your country during the registration process, it indicates that Money SMS is not currently operational in your area

App #3: Premise

Premise is a user-friendly app where you can earn money by completing simple tasks, such as surveys and location-based activities. Here’s a brief overview:

  1. Setup: Download the app and create an account. Complete your profile to start earning.
  2. Tasks: Engage in various tasks like surveys, taking photos, and location-based activities. Payments for tasks range from $0.50 to $10.
  3. Earnings: Average hourly earnings are about $5.33, with monthly earnings around $23.33.
  4. Withdrawal: Cash out via PayPal, Payoneer, Coinbase, or Mobile Top-Up. The minimum payout varies but is generally accessible.
  5. User Experience: The app is legitimate and pays its users, although it’s not a significant income source. User reviews are mixed, with earnings dependent on task availability and location.

In summary, Premise offers a way to earn a little extra in your spare time, especially if you have access to a variety of tasks in your area

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App #4: SurveyKing

SurveyKing is an Android-exclusive app designed for users looking to make some extra cash through surveys and various tasks. Here’s a short review for your blog about making money from apps:

How SurveyKing Works:

  1. Installation and Registration: The app is free and available on Google Play. Users can register using their Google, Facebook, or email account.
  2. Survey Participation: SurveyKing collaborates with several survey providers like Pollfish and TheoremReach. Users complete surveys to earn points, with a conversion rate of roughly 0.00115 USD per point (866 points equate to 1 USD).
  3. Offerwalls and Tasks: Besides surveys, users can earn by completing tasks from offerwalls. These tasks range from downloading apps, signing up for free trials, to participating in quizzes.
  4. Referral Program: Users can also earn through a referral program, receiving a 20% commission on their referrals’ earnings.

Earning Potential and Payout:

  • Earnings: The amount earned varies based on the number of surveys and tasks completed. On average, users can expect to earn a few cents to 2 USD per survey.
  • Payout Threshold: The app boasts a low payout threshold of $1. Users can cash out via PayPal and other methods like Payeer, Binance, AdvCash, and Perfect Money.
  • Service Fees: Be aware that withdrawing earnings involves service fees. For example, withdrawing via PayPal means you’ll receive $0.66 for every $1 earned.
  • Earning Capacity: Users can potentially earn an extra $20 – $150 per month, depending on various factors like survey availability, profile, and commitment.

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App #5: CashemAll

Cash’em All is an Android-only app that offers users the opportunity to earn rewards for playing mobile games. This app is particularly suitable for those who enjoy gaming on their phones and are looking to make a little extra money on the side. Here’s a concise review of the Cash’em All app:

How It Works:

  1. Download and Play Games: After installing the app from Google Play, users can earn ‘coins’ by downloading and playing various sponsored games listed in the app. The amount of coins earned decreases the longer a game is played, incentivizing users to frequently switch games.
  2. Referral Program: Users can also earn coins through referrals. By inviting others to use the app with a unique code, both the referrer and the referee earn a percentage of each other’s earnings.
  3. Tracking Game Play: It’s important to open games through the Cash’em All app to ensure the app tracks the playtime and credits the coins earned.

Earning Potential and Payouts:

  • The app rewards users with coins, which can be exchanged for cash via PayPal or various gift cards (like Amazon, iTunes, and PlayStation).
  • The payout threshold is relatively low; users can cash out with as little as $0.50 in the US or £0.50 in the UK.
  • Initial earnings can be quick due to a welcome bonus, but the earning rate may decrease over time.
  • The amount of money you can make depends on how much time you spend playing games and the diminishing returns on each game.


  • Cash’em All is only available on Android devices.
  • Users have reported mixed experiences, with some noting issues in cashing out and a decrease in earning rates over time.
  • The app requires access to your usage data to track your playtime.
  • Users must submit a selfie for verification before requesting payment.

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App #6: Step App

Step App is an innovative Move-to-Earn platform that rewards users with digital tokens for physical activities like walking, jogging, or running. Launched with Usain Bolt as its ambassador, it operates on the Step Network blockchain using two tokens: FITFI for governance and KCAL for in-game activities.

Key Features:

  1. Earning Through Activity: Users earn KCAL tokens by engaging in physical activities using NFTs like digital sneakers, which are necessary for participation.
  2. NFTs and Earnings: Different NFT types are suited for various activities, affecting earning potential. Energy, recovered daily, plays a crucial role in how much you can earn.
  3. Unique Mechanics: The app includes features like ‘Earn with Burn’ to sustain its economy by managing NFT supply.

Starting Out:

  • Download the app, available on Android and iOS, and purchase NFTs using FITFI tokens to start earning.

Pros and Cons:

  • Pros: Blends fitness with earning, user-friendly, and promotes physical activity.
  • Cons: Limited earning potential and diminishing returns for longer gameplay.

Step App is an engaging way to merge fitness with digital earning, suitable for those interested in NFTs and cryptocurrency, though it’s not a substitute for a regular income source.

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App #7: Money Tree

MoneyTree Rewards App is an Android-based app allowing users to earn rewards through various activities:

  • Surveys and Offers: Complete surveys and offers for points, with higher-paying surveys offering more rewards.
  • Video Watching: Earn by watching videos through HideoutTV, though rewards are lower for this activity.
  • Referral Program: Gain additional points by referring friends to the app.

Points earned can be converted to PayPal cash or gift cards, with a conversion rate of 1 point = $0.0004. The minimum PayPal cashout is about 25,000 points for $10. The app features a unique ‘grow tree’ game mechanic, providing additional bonuses as your virtual tree levels up.

While MoneyTree Rewards offers a variety of earning methods, the overall earning potential is relatively modest, and it requires time and effort to accumulate significant rewards. The app is best suited for those looking to make a little extra money in their free time, rather than as a significant income source

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App #8: InboxDollars

InboxDollars App offers a simple and flexible way to earn money through everyday online activities.

Quick Cash for Easy Tasks: Complete small tasks like taking surveys, watching videos, or reading emails. With tasks paying up to $5, active users often earn $30-$50 per month.

Easy Start: Sign up at, choose tasks that fit your schedule, and start earning. A $5 bonus awaits new users!

User-Friendly Cash Outs: Reach a $30 threshold and easily cash out via check, PayPal, or gift cards.

Real Users, Real Earnings: From buying holiday gifts to covering monthly subscriptions, users like Sarah and John find InboxDollars a handy way to supplement their income.

InboxDollars is a straightforward, no-fuss approach to earning extra cash in your spare time. Give it a try!

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Final words

These eight apps offer a glimpse into the vast potential of online earning. With dedication and smart strategies, anyone can leverage these platforms for financial gain.

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