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FREE Cryptocurrency Without Spending Money in 2024

Collect cryptocurrency for free and save it for the next big increase in value. Earning crypto without spending any money just takes your time. There may not seem to be many chances during a down market, but there are still some, and a good plan can make them pay off well. Airdrops, giveaways, bounties, joining communities, AMAs, and more will take some of your time but could be really rewarding. Now is the best time to start earning crypto without spending money! The next big surge in value could be soon, so getting crypto now could change your life in the next two or three years.

Beware of Scams

 Be careful if you’re new to this. It’s easy to fall for scams that trick communities and hurt investors. Always be responsible and careful when looking for ways to earn crypto. Here’s how you can start earning cryptocurrency in 2023 without investing any money. Sign up for free to get updates on new stories.

Types of Scams

a) Phishing Scams: These involve fake websites or emails impersonating legitimate projects or platforms to steal your personal information or login credentials. Always check the URL carefully and never share your private keys or passwords.

b) Fake Airdrops and Bounties: Scammers might announce fraudulent airdrops or bounties, usually asking participants for an upfront payment or private information. Genuine airdrops rarely, if ever, ask for payment.

c) Ponzi and Pyramid Schemes: These scams promise high returns for investing in a project. They pay old investors with the new investors’ money, collapsing eventually. Be wary of any scheme that requires you to recruit others to increase your earnings.

d) Pump and Dump Schemes: These involve inflating the price of an unknown or low-value cryptocurrency through misleading statements, then selling off en masse, causing the price to plummet.

e) Malware: Scammers might prompt you to download applications or software that are actually malware designed to steal your information or cryptocurrency.

f) Fake Mining Operations: Scammers offer to mine cryptocurrency on your behalf, asking for an investment but never delivering any returns.

g) Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game Scams: Some P2E games are fronts for scams, designed to harvest data, deploy malware, or siphon funds.

How to Avoid Scams

a) Research Extensively: Before engaging in any opportunity, conduct thorough research. Look for reviews, user experiences, and background information on the project and the team behind it.

b) Use Reputable Sources: Follow reputable crypto news websites or trusted community forums for information on bounties and airdrops.

c) Secure Your Data: Use strong, unique passwords and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible. Consider using a password manager.

d) Verify URLs and Emails: Be cautious about clicking on links in emails or social media. Always double-check the URL to ensure it’s the official site.

e) Avoid “Too Good to Be True” Offers: High returns with no risk or effort are a classic sign of a scam.

f) Use Reliable Wallets: Store your cryptocurrency in secure, reputable wallets. Hardware wallets offer additional security for larger amounts.

g) Be Skeptical of Downloadable Software: Be cautious about downloading any software, especially from unofficial or unknown sources.

h) Monitor Crypto Forums and News: Stay informed about common scams and new tactics by regularly checking crypto forums and news websites. Websites like CoinDesk, Cointelegraph, and forums like BitcoinTalk can be valuable resources.

i) Use Official Mining Software: If you’re interested in mining, use established, well-reviewed mining software and pools.

j) Educate Yourself: The more you know about blockchain and cryptocurrency, the better you can spot irregularities and scams.

Earn Cryptocurrency in 2024

 Here are some ways to make cryptocurrency online in 2024:


 Websites like AirdropsAlert and used to have many good airdrops, but now they offer less impressive ones. However, they’re still the top sites for finding new airdrops. Recently, fewer new projects are giving away tokens for marketing, but in 2021, some new projects on EVM networks like BSC and smartBCH gave good rewards. Sometimes an airdrop can be worth a lot if you don’t sell it right away for a low price.

Airdrop Websites:

Many airdrop websites list scam projects, so be careful. I can only suggest these two with better track records. If you see a warning sign, don’t promote or join a project.

Airdrops to Avoid:

  • Don’t go for DeFi airdrops that require trades. You’ll end up losing more than you gain.
  • Stay away from airdrops that ask for deposits or buying their token. It won’t end well.
  • Avoid airdrops that need KYC. It’s risky to give out personal data. Scammers have used KYC airdrops for scams and money laundering.

Airdrop Telegram Groups

 Join these groups to get updates on new airdrops:


 A 4-week signature campaign paid $1000 to $2000 to each person. Bounties are common, but 90% of the projects fail quickly. So, follow the top bounty managers on these forums to improve your chances.

 a) bitcointalk (forum) Bitcointalk has two types of bounties:

  • Bounties (altcoins): Short campaigns asking for tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn shares, articles, and videos. Fill in your links weekly on a Google sheet provided by the campaign manager.
  • Signature-ad campaigns: Only for “junior member” level or higher. Add a project’s banner to your forum posts and maybe change your profile picture. Follow each campaign’s rules and limits.

b) altcoinstalk (forum) Check out the “Bounties & Rewards” section on altcoinstalk. You might find different opportunities than on bitcointalk.

c) CoinGecko — CoinMarketCap Make an account on the top two crypto indexes and collect points for rewards.

Early Coingecko NFTs sold for over $200 in 2021. CoinMarketCap doesn’t offer enough rewards, and new items sell out fast.

e) Bounties and Freelancing for Crypto: Performing tasks or freelancing in exchange for cryptocurrency.

Crypto Rewards Programs

 Some platforms offer rewards for various activities like shopping, browsing, or learning about crypto.

  •     Lolli (for shopping rewards)
  •    Brave Browser (for browsing rewards)
  • OKX: This program offers a trading contest where users can win rewards based on their trading volumes and profits, with prizes up to $60,000. Users need to deposit at least $50 to participate and the rewards include USDT and OKX’s native tokens – OKB​​. OKX
  • Binance: Binance’s “Explore Futures” program offers rewards for copy trading. However, it’s only available to new users who create and verify their account within three days and may require completing tasks like sharing a post on social media​​. Binance
  • Coinbase Learn and Earn: Users can earn crypto by completing educational modules on different cryptocurrencies. Rewards are typically around $3-5 per module​​. Coinbase
  • Binance Learn and Earn: Similar to Coinbase, Binance offers rewards for learning about cryptocurrencies, but it’s exclusively for new Binance users​​. Binance Academy
  • Robinhood Learn and Earn: After completing a short module on a cryptocurrency, users receive rewards. Currently, it supports AVAX and USDC​​. Robinhood
  • Revolut Learn and Earn: Users can earn up to $15 in DOT by completing Learn and Earn modules​​. Revolut
  • Bitdegree Learn and Earn: This platform offers educational content on the Web3 ecosystem and discounts on select cryptocurrency products, such as a 10% discount on a Ledger hardware wallet family pack​​. Bitdegree
  • Phemex Learn and Earn: Rather than offering cryptocurrency rewards, Phemex credits user accounts with U.S. dollars that can be used to invest in cryptocurrency​​. Phemex
  • CoinMarketCap Learn and Earn: This program partners with popular cryptocurrency projects to offer rewards for learning about them. Rewards include cryptocurrencies like DFI, BNB, and TRX​​. CoinMarketCap

Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining

 These are more advanced DeFi strategies for earning rewards by providing liquidity to decentralized exchanges.

Crypto Mining

 While not free due to hardware and energy costs, mining is a way to earn cryptocurrency by validating blockchain transactions.

 Writing Platforms Hive

Publish0X Platforms that pay in cryptocurrencies like Hive, Ethereum, etc. The rewards might be small now, but they’re a chance for those who can write. Even small rewards in tokens can grow in value. Use hashtags from communities like leofinance, neoxian, ecency, proofofbrain, and use the Hive Keychain for transactions. Besides these, platforms like Kucoin and Bitswap often have contests with great rewards. — For two years, these platforms were the best for earning Bitcoin Cash, but the rewards program has ended. Still, things could change, and you can still get tips from users. Medium You don’t earn crypto on Medium, but they might add it since they use Stripe, which has a USDC ramp. For now, Medium pays in USD and other fiat currencies. is similar. These platforms are good for crypto writers along with Hive and Publish0X.

Play-to-Earn Games

 These are games that allow you to earn cryptocurrency by playing. Some popular options include:

Avoid Wasting Time

 Social media giveaways, faucets, and ad-watching usually aren’t worth it. Giveaways often have fake winners, like the Waltonchain incident in 2018. Faucets and ad-watching take too much time for little reward. Mobile earning apps aren’t effective either. The effort-to-reward ratio is too low.

Don’t Sell During Down Markets

 Keep anything you earn, even if it’s a small amount. Most projects will fail, but those that succeed will cover your losses and bring big profits. I made a mistake by selling tokens from a Decentraland contest too soon. They were worth a lot more later. Learn to calculate market caps to know when to sell. Don’t sell for tiny amounts. Some projects could become very valuable.

Closing Thoughts: Do Your Own Research

 Focus on a project before promoting it for an airdrop. Remember, we often sell too soon when prices drop, missing out on potential gains.

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