Best Custom GPTS That Will Make You More Productive in 2024

We tried them all for you, some will amaze you for sure

Welcome to 2024, where our digital toolboxes are getting some seriously smart upgrades! Gone are the days of one-size-fits-all tech tools. Instead, imagine having a personal assistant that’s a mix of Einstein’s brain and Picasso’s creativity. Meet the GPTs — not your average Joe of the tech world, but your go-to for making every task from mundane to monumental a breeze. Let’s just dive in, shall we?

Here are 24 custom GPTs tailored for various roles in online businesses, creators, influencers, content writers, designers, social media managers, etc., that can significantly enhance productivity, creativity, and efficiency.

Enhanced Creativity and Design

Canva GPT revolutionizes design tasks, making it effortless to create stunning visuals, from presentations to social media posts. Integrated with Canva, it suggests the perfect templates for your projects. Explore Canva GPT here. We asked it to create an Instagram funny post about GPTs taking over our jobs. Results weren’t that funny but it get the job done with high quality, can be great for content creators and social media influencers.

Graphic Designer GPT stands at the forefront of web and UX design, offering an AI-powered approach to creating and hosting websites with a touch of elegance. Dive into Designer GPT here.

Stable Diffusion Prompter emerges as a game-changer for generating high-quality AI images, enabling designers and content creators to bring their visions to life with precision. Try it here here. It created the prompts needed for the image generating, copy and past this prompt to your favorite Ai image generator.

This is an example of the the generated image from the prompt:

Art Style Explorer is a treasure trove for artists and designers, offering a deep dive into various art styles and generating new images inspired by your uploads. Discover Art Style Explorer here.

Streamlining Content and SEO

SEO GPT Specifically tailored for SEO tasks. It’s designed to assist with optimizing website content for search engines, helping to improve visibility and ranking. By leveraging advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques, this tool can analyze keywords, suggest content improvements, and provide insights to enhance your website’s SEO strategy efficiently. Check it out here.

trying it gave some good feedback and action items to follow

Technical SEO audit by GMT– focused on conducting technical SEO audits through the platform provided by MTS. It’s crafted to dive deep into the technical aspects of a website, identifying issues and areas of improvement that could affect search engine rankings. Try it out here. We ran it on our site and received a pretty detailed report covering a lot of very important elements in Technical SEO that sometimes being ignored and many elements that are not that important but overall, if you are familiar with SEO, this GPT will save you a lot of QA

Revolutionizing Social Media and Communication

Trending TikTok Hashtags Finder Tool is essential for influencers and social media managers aiming to skyrocket their TikTok engagement with viral hashtags. Find Trending Hashtags here. In our example we asked for trending Hashtags related to Bitcoin. Also received some useful tips on how to use the Hashtags:

Facebook Ads GPT– Helps creating optimized Facebook ads including budget, countries, text, call to action and more, when given a picture and product name

Here we tried the product: Life Extension, AMPK Metabolic Activator, 30 Vegetarian Tablets

Boosting Research and Analysis

Consensus GPT serves as an AI research assistant, providing evidence-backed answers and facilitating access to over 200 million academic papers. Utilize Consensus GPT here. By far one of the best GPTs, it back up the facts with links to the scientific academic research, great find for content writers, students, entrepreneurs and anyone searching to expend thier knowledge without the clickbait false web noise.

Scholar GPT enhances academic research by offering critical reading skills and access to a vast repository of scholarly articles. Enhance your research with Scholar GPT here. We asked it to structure a table from all the known Mushrooms that have any medical impact on humans. Also, we wanted to test the differences in answers between the Scholar GPT and the regular ChatGPT 4.0. what we found out that the Scholar GPT reply gave us 8 Mushrooms while the regular one found only 7. This GPT must be a gold mine for students and researcher saving tons of preciouses hours.

Scholar GPT reply:

And regular ChatGPT 4.0 reply for the same prompt:

Financial and Practical Solutions

Finance Wizard GPT aids in financial planning and analysis, offering predictions and insights into markets, stocks, and more. Dive into financial analytics with Finance Wizard here. Asked it to predict Invidia stoke- The results are interesting

Convert Anything GPT simplifies the file conversion process, supporting a wide array of formats to ensure seamless data transformation. Start converting with Convert Anything here. We thought this tool might be amazing for converting images to excel sheets, for example, but as you can see in the images below, the GPT failed to convert our images, even when tried small amount of data images. but it worked ok with converting PDF to excel which could be handy, I’m sure there are a lot of use cases this could be super handy.

first try- failed

second try-smaller image failed

Here we tried to convert doc file to excel file, results are not amazing but I’m guessing that can be useful for some cases.

FAQ Generator AI automates the creation of FAQs for websites, transforming any webpage into a comprehensive FAQ section. Generate FAQs effortlessly here. Sweet, it gives you both the questions and the answers, great for content creators who want to enrich and optimize thier web pages.

Personalized Assistance and Entertainment

Playlist AI GPT crafts personalized music playlists based on your mood and preferences, enhancing your listening experience on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Create your playlist with Playlist AI here. We asked it for a welcoming wedding intro playlist -Happy, groovy and chill, must say it did a pretty good job, no need for a DJ guys

Sous Chef GPT is your AI culinary assistant, offering tailored meal suggestions and recipes based on your dietary preferences and available ingredients. Discover new recipes with Sous Chef here. This GPT is just AMAZING for food bloggers, hell, it can just replace the bloggers entirely. In our example we asked for 5 recipes for Keto diet with grocery list for each and an image:

Video Summarizer is an AI tool that condenses YouTube videos into concise bullet points, saving you time while keeping you informed. Summarize videos with Video Summarizer here. When we tried it we received a very good general summery of the Video, but you can dive deeper into details asking specific questions and also being suggested to do so by the GPT as you can see from our example:

Grimoire GPT empowers you to create websites and tackle coding tasks with simple descriptions, enhancing coding efficiency through “prompt-gramming.” Unlock coding magic with Grimoire here.

the GPT creates HTML and CSS code files, in my example I asked the GPT to create a site for a company specializing in banana shaped headphones …it creates simple pages but can be bring great use in creating base pages.

Sticker Whiz turns your ideas into custom, die-cut stickers, offering a creative outlet for your wildest design dreams. Create your stickers with Sticker Whiz here. See in my example, Sticker Whiz created a funny sticker for a pill against heads for me;)


In this era where time is gold, and innovation is the currency, the 24 custom GPTs introduced are nothing short of a goldmine for professionals across the board. From the artistic alchemy offered by Canva GPT and the design prowess of Designer GPT, to the strategic insights of the SEO Optimized Blog Writer and the social media clout from the Trending TikTok Hashtags Finder, these tools are tailor-made to elevate your work to new heights. Not to overlook, the scholarly aid of Scholar GPT, the financial acumen of Finance Wizard GPT, and the culinary creativity sparked by Sous Chef GPT, each GPT brings something unique to the table. As we stand on the brink of a new digital dawn, these GPTs are not just tools; they are partners in our journey towards unprecedented productivity and creativity. Whether you’re looking to optimize your workflow, expand your creative horizons, or simply make your day-to-day tasks a bit more manageable, diving into the world of GPTs is a step toward turning those goals into reality. Welcome to the future of work, where AI is your ally, and the possibilities are endless.

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