Make Money Selling AI Prompts: Prompt Engineer’s Step-by-Step Guide

The AI revolution is transforming everything we know, but what if you could profit from it without complex coding? There’s a goldmine waiting to be tapped: Make Money Selling AI Prompts.

Imagine using AI and words to unlock stunning images worthy of great masters’ works of art, innovative designs, and top-notch marketing slogans that people can’t resist. Unleash your creativity and watch the demand soar.

Why are AI Prompts in High Demand?

  • They’re time-savers. Professionals in marketing, architecture, and more use AI tools, but crafting effective AI prompts takes practice. You provide the key to unlock their creative potential.
  • They’re valuable tools. A well-written prompt can spark exceptional AI outputs, saving users hours of trial and error.

How to Get Started as a Prompt Engineer?

The good news is you don’t need to be a tech whiz. Marketplaces like Etsy and PromptBase allow you to sell your prompts to eager AI users. Tools like DALL-E 3 and Midjourney help you visualize your creations.

This Prompt Engineer’s Step-by-Step Guide will equip you with everything you need, even if you’re a beginner.

We’ll cover:

  • What is an AI prompt and how does it work?
  • How to create great prompts ?
  • 3 Easy Ways to Make Money with AI Prompts

Ready to make money with AI? Let’s get started!

What is an AI prompt and how does it work?

AI systems use AI prompts to perform tasks that require human intelligence, like creative writing. These prompts are like recipes for a robot chef.

You give the AI system the steps, and it follows them to make the output you want.

The prompts must be clear and include all the information for the AI to complete the task correctly.

Be precise, not just brief. While short AI prompts are good, they don’t work well. The more detailed the instructions, the better the AI will understand.

Many people don’t know how to create effective AI prompts because it’s hard to summarize instructions in 60 words. People want prompts they can buy and use right away. As AI gets better, these prompts will become more important. If you have the skills, you can make money from it too.

How to create great prompts

To get the best results from AI systems like GPT-4 and Midjourney, you need to provide good prompts.

Here’s how to create effective AI prompts:

1. The Task (Mandatory)

  • This is the most important part. Tell the AI what to do using verbs like “generate,” “analyze,” or “summarize.”
  • Be specific. For example: Instead of “create something creative,” say “write a poem like Edgar Allan Poe.”

2. The Context

Provide background details to help the AI understand your input.

  • Focus on relevant information.
  • Examples can be previous successful prompts, data formats, or desired answer structures.

4. The Persona (Optional)

– Choose the AI’s role for this task : It could be a doctor, lawyer, or fictional character. Defining the persona helps set the tone and style of the AI.

5. Format (Optional)

What will be the output format? (Excel spreadsheet, bullet points, images, etc.) A clear format ensures the AI results match your needs.

6. The Tone (Optional)

Describe the tone you want, or explain the feeling you want to convey.

Prioritize the task and context. Include these elements to improve your prompt. Start with the task, then give context. Specify a persona, format, and tone if you want.

5 AI-Generated Prompts

These are 5 AI prompts, and you can create more following the same format :

1. Task: Generate a catchy pop song chorus.

  • Context: The song is about a summer romance, full of sunshine and carefree vibes.
  • Format: Song lyrics (4 lines)
  • Output 👇

2. Task: Generate a photorealistic image.

  • Context: A majestic bald eagle soaring through a crystal-clear blue sky with snow-capped mountains in the background.
  • Format: Image (photograph)
  • Output 👇

3. Task: Analyze customer reviews for a new smartphone and identify key strengths and weaknesses.

  • Context: The phone has a powerful processor but a mediocre camera.
  • Format: Bullet points with pros and cons
  • Output 👇

4. Task: Create a social media post promoting a new line of eco-friendly cleaning products.

  • Context: The products are effective and made with plant-based ingredients.
  • Persona: Upbeat social media influencer
  • Format: Instagram post with caption (3 sentences) and image
  • Output 👇

5. Task: Design a minimalist product image for a sleek new watch.

  • Context: The watch has a simple, elegant design with a rose gold case and a black leather band.
  • Style: Minimalist Format: Image (product photo)
  • Output 👇

 5 AI prompt examples to sell

Here are some generic prompt ideas you can sell on Etsy, categorized by type:

1. Journaling Prompts:

  • Task: Provide a set number of daily/weekly journaling prompts for [replace with your daily theme ] (e.g., self-discovery, gratitude, overcoming challenges).
  • Context: Each prompt should be thought-provoking and encourage introspection.
  • Format: Printable PDF with prompts (one per page or several per page).

2. Creative Writing Prompts:

  • Task: Offer a collection of writing prompts across different genres (e.g., fantasy, science fiction, mystery).
  • Context: Each prompt should provide a starting point (character, setting, plot twist) to spark creativity.
  • Format: Printable PDF with prompts (one per page or several per page) with optional space for writing.

3. Photography Prompts:

  • Task: Design a set of daily/weekly photography challenges to improve skills and explore new techniques.
  • Context: Each prompt should focus on a specific theme (e.g., light and shadow, leading lines, macro photography).
  • Format: Printable PDF with instructions and space for photos or a photography challenge calendar.

4. Art Prompts:

  • Task: Create a collection of drawing or painting prompts for beginners or specific mediums (e.g., watercolor, abstract art).
  • Context: Each prompt should provide a theme or starting point to ignite artistic expression.
  • Format: Printable PDF with prompts (one per page or several per page) with optional space for sketching.

5. Productivity Prompts:

  • Task: Design a set of daily/weekly prompts to improve focus, time management, and goal setting.
  • Context: Each prompt should be actionable and encourage productivity habits.
  • Format: Printable PDF with prompts (one per page or several per page) and trackers for habits or goals.

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at guiding the AI. Practice to get the most out of AI.

How to get AI prompts without writing them?

Got lost with your favorite AI tool? No problem! Explore creativity with prompts from GitHub‘s Anthropic Prompt Library. There are over 10,000 free AI prompts, from simple to complex, ready to copy and paste. Choose a topic and customize it. No coding skills needed!

For even more tailored AI prompt, check out Cassidy AI.  This fee-based tool allows you to easily create prompts specifically for Chat-GPT, Gemini, or

Make Money with Prompt Engineering: 3 Proven Methods

You know how to create best AI prompts. Now, how can you profit from it? There are many ways. Here are three ways to sell AI prompts that have worked well:

  1. Make money online by selling AI prompts on online marketplaces
  2. Create and sell Custom AI Solutions ( APIs, SaaS business )
  3. Training and Consulting AI prompts

Become a Prompt Engineer:   There are free courses and guides from sites like edX and Coursera. Master this skill now, when competition is low and opportunities are plentiful.

1. Make money online by selling AI prompts on online marketplaces

Content creators face deadlines and stress. You can help by creating and selling AI prompts on marketplaces like PromptBase, Wirestock, Etsy, and

Your AI prompts created from GPT-4, Bard turned into Gemini, or any other AI, can help them write descriptions, scripts, images and presentations. Best of all, once you’ve created it, it will generate passive income for you.

You must create AI prompt collections on specific topics to succeed, in the jargon it’s called niche.

How to Discover Your Niche and Market for Selling AI Prompts

If you know something about a topic, create AI prompts for experts in that field.

A marketing specialist could use AI prompts to generate slogans, product descriptions, or blog posts.

Google Trends can help you find a niche.

Here are some tips for using Google Trends effectively:

  1. Go to and start exploring.
  2. Enter your search terms in the search bar.
  3. If you want to target a particular demographic, refine your search.
  4. Then analyze the results.

If there isn’t much search volume, look at the most popular Etsy stores or use Everbee to find trending niches and see what types of AI prompts are in demand.

Everbee : The Best Tool for AI Prompt Generators

Everbee helps you find hidden gems in the AI prompt market.

Step 1: Set up Everbee.

1. Sign up for a free account at

2. Download the Everbee Chrome extension for Etsy.

3. Connect Everbee to your Etsy account for a more personalized experience.

Step 2: Analyze Existing Products

Open Etsy and search for a term related to your AI prompts’ functionality. Click the Everbee icon on your Chrome extension.

This activates the analytics tool. Everbee displays product listings alongside valuable data. Learn popular keywords and themes from successful sellers.

Step 3: Dive Deeper – Sub-niches and Inspiration

Look beyond the surface! Click to explore a listing. Everbee shows you all the tags, so you can copy and paste them. Look at the smaller niches within the main niche and find sub-niches.

Step 4: Inspiration Station – Ideas for Creativity

Everbee helps you find ideas. Look at the most popular products. Use what you learn to create AI prompts that solve customer problems.

Don’t copy designs, just use them as inspiration. Everbee lets you sort by “Most Recent” to find trending niches.

Use Everbee techniques to find profitable niches for your AI prompts. Research is key to AI creativity.

If you’re not sure what to sell, don’t reinvent the wheel! Use resources like Prompt Hero to find inspiring prompts for your niche. Experiment with different phrasing and keywords to create unique images.

Start with free AI image generators like Leonardo.AI (although it has limited credits).

Refer to this tutorial for instructions on using Leonardo.AI

Leonardo AI – Tutorial for Beginners in 12 MINS!  [ FULL GUIDE 2024 ]

If you still can’t define your niche, you can use this 4-step guide to find your market and start selling AI prompts:

Step 1: Define Your Prompt’s Core Value

Look at your AI prompts. What types of art do you like? What problems do they solve?

Step 2: Niche Hunting – Less Time, More Success

Now, let’s look for a good niche. Do some research to find out what people want that your prompts can give them. Here’s what you need to think about:

  • How big is the market?
  • Is it getting bigger or smaller?
  • How many other people are doing this?

Step 3: Knowing Your Competitors – Strengths & Weaknesses

Once you’ve chosen a niche, analyze the competition using a framework called SWOT. Identify existing AI prompt creators, evaluate them, and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

  • Strengths: What are their popular prompts? What do they do well?
  • Weaknesses: Are there gaps in their coverage? Can you offer a better solution?

Step 4: Positioning for Success – Target Persona & Messaging

Know your niche and competition, then focus on your target audience. Create a customer profile. Know their frustration. Know their creative goals.

What problems do they have? Tailor your message to meet their needs and show how your AI prompts can help.

Once you know your niche, ideal customer, and AI prompts are ready, it’s time to sell them on the marketplace. Marketplaces for AI prompts cater to techies.

If you want to go wider, go to places with more traffic and novice buyers. Wider distribution means more sales. Etsy is a best marketplace for selling AI prompts.

How to make money selling AI prompts on Etsy?

The first thing you need to do to create a successful prompt guide is come up with ideas for prompts that will resonate with your target audience.

To have a successful Etsy shop, specialize. Choose a niche or artistic style to attract a dedicated audience. As we have already said.

Tools like Everbee can be invaluable to analyze search volumes and competition levels. Look for terms like “ChatGPT prompts” and “AI prompts” to understand what’s currently popular.

Identify top listings with high daily views for inspiration. Offer different prompts in a category or themed packages to appeal to different preferences.

Whether you’re focusing on animals, nature, or other themes, it’s important to choose prompts that are both engaging and versatile.

Step 1: Building Your Prompt Database

Now it’s time to create the prompts. One popular tool for generating prompts is Mid-Journey, which is known for its detailed style. If you want a more realistic approach, there are other options like Leonardo AI.

When making prompts, think about the background. Many creators like white backgrounds for prompts because they’re versatile and easy to work with. If you want to remove the background from your prompts, you might want to use Canva Pro for editing.

Step 2: Designing Listing Images with Canva

High-quality listing images are crucial for attracting buyers on Etsy. They’re the first impression of your product, so make them count!

  • Find Your Template: Browse Canva’s library of listing image templates or create your own custom design.
  • Highlight Key Features: Clearly showcase the number of prompts included, any special features (discounts, digital downloads etc.), and a captivating image of your prompt set.

  • Brand It! Customize the template with your brand colors, fonts, and logo to create a cohesive look.

  • Entice and Inform: Write clear descriptions highlighting the benefits buyers get – sparking creativity, overcoming writer’s block, etc.

  • Easy Access: Include a shareable Google Sheet link – mode viewer – for instant access to the prompt database upon purchase.

Step 3: List your product

First things first, let’s talk about tags. Tags play a crucial role in helping potential customers find your listing.

While it’s essential to choose tags that are relevant to your niche, sometimes you might find tags that don’t quite match. In such cases, feel free to replace them with tags that better align with your vibe.

For example, if “journal” doesn’t fit your niche, swap it out for something like “Nursery Mid-Journey” tags.Product

Now that you’ve sorted out your tags, it’s time to list your product on Etsy. Here’s a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Click on your store and navigate to “Listings.” We assume you have already created your Esty Store. If not, simply go to and sign in with your email address.
  2. Click on “Add a Listing” and select that this is a digital file.
  3. Specify that you made the product and it’s a finished product created in a current year.

  4. Upload your images, ensuring they showcase your product effectively. Arrange them strategically, with the last one indicating that it’s a digital download.

  5. Upload your prompt guide, which is the document customers will download.

  6. Write a compelling description. Start with a sentence that includes your main keywords, such as “Nursery Mid Journey Prompt,” to optimize for SEO. Provide details about the prompts, the software they’re compatible with, any coupons you offer, and more.

  7. Research competitor pricing to determine a competitive price for your listing.

  8. Set the quantity to maximum, select the appropriate category (e.g., “Prompt”), and add relevant tags.

  9. Decide whether you want to feature the listing on your Etsy store and run ads for it.
  10. Keep the renewal on automatic and click “Publish.”

When crafting your listing title and description, focus on clear, concise language that accurately describes your product and its benefits. Include relevant keywords naturally throughout your listing to improve its visibility in search results.

Step 4: Optimizing Your Listings for SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for getting your prompt guide seen by potential buyers on Etsy. While keyword research is essential, it’s also important to focus on other factors like views, clicks, and engagement.

Start by analyzing the SEO of similar listings in your niche to identify high-performing keywords and strategies. Tools like eRank or Everbee can provide valuable insights into your competitors’ SEO rankings and help you identify opportunities for improvement. As an sample, think about bundling your downloadable prompts with pre-generated AI artwork to provide immediate value and entice buyers.

Diversify Your Sales Channels: Don’t limit yourself to Etsy!

While Etsy is a great place to start with your AI prompts, it’s not the only place you should be. Try listing on other platforms like Creative Fabrica and

These marketplaces can help you reach more people and potentially boost your sales. Just be ready to show that you’ve got a strong Etsy presence to get approved.

Your expertise goes beyond just selling prompts. Prompt engineering is a great way to open up a whole new world of income possibilities.

Make money online by selling Automate mundane tasks with scripts

Combine powerful prompts with scripts to automate repetitive tasks like social media post generation or data analysis.  Choose Python for complex tasks or any operating system. Break down the task, translate steps into code, and refine. For simpler tasks, use automation tools like AutoHotkey to record actions and set triggers. 

Learning resources abound to get you started!

The key is to identify common pain points.  Web developers spend hours customizing website layouts – a script could streamline that, too!

By packaging your scripts with clear instructions and even video tutorials, you can reach a wide audience. Imagine businesses saving time by automatically creating product descriptions! Sell these scripts on platforms like Gumroad, Upwork or Fiverr.

Become a Prompt Engineer for Hire

Extend your capabilities by offering custom AI solutions. You can create tools like YouTube title generators, content summarizers, or industry-specific writing assistants.

Showcase your expertise with free resources like rapid engineering guides to build trust and attract customers. Businesses want unique solutions – meet their needs with custom AI tools built with Prompt Engineering.

  • Develop and Sell AI APIs: Imagine creating AI content creation APIs that seamlessly integrate with other software. Companies can use these APIs to automate content creation or personalize marketing messages. Develop APIs with a subscription model on marketplaces like RapidAPI for recurring revenue and easy integration into existing workflows.
  • Build AI SaaS Businesses, Freemium or Paid, You Decide: The world of Software as a Service (SaaS) is booming. Here’s your chance to use rapid engineering to create online AI tools and become an industry leader. Offer both free and paid versions. The free version acts as a lead magnet, showcasing basic functionality, while premium versions offer advanced features, increased usage, or priority support.

Become a Prompt Engineering Guru: Share Your Knowledge

Once you’ve mastered the art of rapid engineering, you can empower others :

  • Consulting Services: Companies and individuals can tap into your expertise. Offer consultations to help them optimize their workflow or content creation with Prompt Engineering.
  • E-Books and Courses: Package your knowledge in e-books or online courses like the author’s Prompt Engineering Mastery course. Teach others how to create effective prompts and unlock the true potential of Large Language Models (LLMs).
  • One-on-one consulting: Help organizations identify and automate specific tasks through customized LLM solutions with personalized one-on-one consultations. Build long-term customer relationships by creating high-value solutions.

The world of prompt engineering is full of opportunities for you to use your creativity and technical skills. By learning how to create prompts, explore ways to make money from them, and use marketing effectively, you can build a profitable business.

Remember that success depends on high-quality prompts, visually appealing AI art, and well-executed marketing. Unleash your inner prompt engineer and start building your AI empire today!

This Prompt Engineering step-by-step guide is your starting point. Explore the world of prompt engineering! Whether you follow these methods or go your own way, the possibilities are endless.

Here are some starting points:

  • Enroll in a free prompt engineering course.
  • Dive into the resources mentioned throughout this guide.
  • Experiment with free AI image generators and prompt crafting tools.
  • Brainstorm unique niche ideas for your AI art or prompt library.

The sooner you embrace prompt engineering, the better positioned you’ll be to conquer this exciting and rapidly growing field.

So, don’t wait—start exploring the potential of prompts today!

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